Annie O'Neil

Annie has worked as a producer on her own original series, as well as a Co-Producer and featured pilgrim in the documentary film Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago. In 2014, Annie was finishing her first book Everyday Camino with Annie, when she was contacted by Phil Volker. In meeting Phil, Annie realized that she was writing this book for him. It has been a delight to produce this incredible project as part of a talented, inspiring, and dedicated team.

Jessica Lewis

In 2012, Jessica embarked upon a year of living in three different cities. Traveling across the country from San Diego to Florida to Chicago, she grew a passion for capturing the art of travel in the form of story. Documenting this journey opened a world of creativity and she continues to enjoy opportunities to stand at the cross-section of film and narrative. It is an honor to walk alongside Phil and the team in this process and she looks forward to sharing this film to inspire hope in others. 

Rebecca Goldstein

After a transformational experience walking the Camino Frances in July 2013, Rebecca has been readily involved in all things “Camino.” She has been certified as a "hospitalera," (Camino host), worked on post-production for Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago, and partnered with her Chicago pilgrim chapter to create monthly walks. It is an absolute joy to be part of a documentary that harmoniously blends Rebecca’s life commitments to journey, spirituality, community, and storytelling.


Todd Pinckney

As a professional photographer and videographer, Todd is committed to savoring moments through the form of images. His passion for sharing others' journeys has led him to documenting a cross-country RV trip with the Better Together Tour, trips to Africa with Nuru International, and starting his own photography business. Walking alongside Phil has brought a new sense of gratitude and appreciation to the every day moments that will no doubt change others as it has changed him.